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Listed below are a few reasons why it is beneficial to become an online member.

In order to register, you must be a current client of Research Capital Corporation. If you do not have an account with us, we invite you to contact us, so that we can discuss with you how to become a client.

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Access to Our Comprehensive Research

Research Capital understands that in order to make informed decisions, you require full access to objective and up-to-the-minute market information. Register with Client Login to gain 24 hour access to our in-depth coverage of over 100 growth companies in economic sectors ranging from mining and energy, to green technologies, telecom and agricultural products.

As part of our online research service, you will also have access to morning comments, company reports, industry reports and breaking news, which we specifically tailor to our clients' individual needs.

Our search tools are fast and easy to use; you will be able to search our research publications archives by simply inputting a key word or by selecting a company name, sector or analyst.

Click the link below to view a sample of the type of research that will be available to you.

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My Portfolio

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere when you sign up with Client Login, the fast, easy and secure way to view all your investment details.

View your current security holdings, cash balances, net worth, and transaction history, as well as print and save copies of important account information for your own filing purposes.

My Account Documents

Here at Research Capital, we make it our personal mission to ensure that our clients are receiving top-rate customer care. That's why we have decided to give our clients the freedom to choose how and when they want to receive their account documents.

No more filing, storage or misplaced account statements or trade confirmations. When you register with Client Login, you can choose to discontinue the hard copy mailing of your statements and trade confirmations and have fast and easy access to them online.

Plus, you no longer have to wait for the printing and mailing of your trade confirmations. Now, you can view your trade confirmations the day after your trading activity.

Online archive of your Account Statements and Trade Confirmations

When you choose to view your account documents online, you can view your account statements and trade confirmations as far back as 2007-01-01. Plus, your account documents will be stored in our secure online archive for up to seven years.

Market Tools

Online quotes (approx. 15 minutes delay), most active, market winners, market decliners, and a watch list you can personalize are a few of the market tools we offer.

You can review a company's history, press releases, charts, and news. You can add any publicly-traded company on your personalized watchlist so you get a quick overview as soon as you log in.

Your Data is Safe

Research Capital is serious about the confidentiality of your data. The registration is conducted over an encrypted channel using the industry-standard SSL encryption. As well, the data is encrypted and stored securely on our datacentre, itself protected by passcard and password.

Register now for complimentary access to all the online features we offer our Private Clients.

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